One of 3 Raspberry Pi 4 2GB boards thanks to Core Electronics

“This would be a great board to make an emulation station out of .. all those retro games and operating systems ... " the good old days "”

B. Sorsdahl, ca

“I am planning to make a Pi-based barcode scanner that's connected to our home network. It will be used to scan barcodes of items newly purchased from the grocery before it goes into the pantry or fridge. We can then enter the expiry date of the food items via a touch screen interface as well. The data will then get sent to a computer at home which runs a database. This is so that we can create an inventory and keep track of what we have bought, what goods we have consumed, and goods that are about to expire, in an attempt to have zero wasted goods (such as expired food items) and to help make the world be a better place ultimately.”

B. Cuizon, nz

“I'll set up a SatNOGS station in rural Victoria to capture signals from satellites and weather balloons!”

T. McMahon, au

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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