For your chance to win one of 20 IOD-09TH prize packs - thanks to our friends at 4D Systems - we asked you to tell us how this compact but powerful display processor could enhance one of your projects.

In Issue 004 we reviewed the IoD-09TH display module from 4D Systems, and last month we gave you the chance to win 1 of 20 units! Each prize pack includes the IoD-09TH Display Module, 4D Programming Adaptor, and 4GB MicroSD.

  • “This module would be great to mount on an electric skateboard. If I could work out how to send a particular route from my phone to the board, it would be awesome to display the upcoming directions for a particular journey.”

    Rikki Arendsen, AUSTRALIA

  • “I'm building an electric bike and the IoD would be an amazing User Interface to display the many features of my ebike.”

    Sarai Rabago Pinedo, Mexico

  • “Would love to use this to help visualise the flight profiles of my model rockets after launch.”

    Sascha Grant, AUSTRALIA

  • “I've just bought a Raspberry Pi, which would have no trouble communicating with this device wirelessly. The Pi could ask the IOD-09TH to increment a counter each time a user visits my training site and indicate visually how long they stay.”

    Sally Pryor, AUSTRALIA

  • “As a handheld monitor for measuring how many meters of fishing line in use at any given moment.”

    Sten-Helge Henriksen, Norway

  • “I'm building a pinball machine and could use a small display in the game.”

    Steve Shoyer, United States

  • “By allowing me to enhance my water rocket altimeter that I am going to make so that it shows the top speed, altitude, acceleration and very well possibly photos.”

    Sidney Willis, AUSTRALIA

  • “I would create a wireless link from a laptop to control a telescope for stargazing. I would display parameters showing where the scope is pointing and at what. Being wireless eliminates a extra cable in the dark which can also get wrapped around tripod legs.”

    Theo Zlatanov, New Zealand

  • “This would be a great voltage and amp display for my toaster power supply.”

    Raymond Thomson, AUSTRALIA

  • “I want a very classy and discreet modern display to provide data visuals for my classic car update. This would be supplied by an Arduino, monitoring key engine parameters with a number of optional secondary data streams. Actually I'd like two...”

    Vincent Ingram, New Zealand

  • “I’m working on a portable scoreboard for my son’s baseball team. This has a great UI set up and enough horsepower to run the whole thing. I expect to take this to all his games so parents stop asking me “what’s the score?””

    Rob Cohen, United States

  • “Really want to build a master control unit to power all three of my 3D printers... But access them all from a single awesome display!”

    Andrew Davies, AUSTRALIA

  • “I'd like to try and use it to replace a Particle IOT project I have that uses the Particle device as a data-loging instrument for the forestry industry. This would be a good test of its flexibility and programmability.”

    Robin Harrington, New Zealand

  • “It would be perfect for a test set to monitor and prove the solar panel and motor control electronics in the solar model car my 14 year old son and his friends will be making as part of their mechatronics project next year at their school.”

    Paul Taylor, AUSTRALIA

  • “I'm an educator fortunate enough to work alongside very talented kids with Autism. I cant say at this point what wacky but totally useful projects they would come up with but being able to incorporate this display module into one of their projects would be such a motivator for them!”

    Elisa Parker, AUSTRALIA

  • “There is a huge push in NZ for UV awareness. By having this mounted at eye level in classrooms displaying UV levels kids would see the info at a glance - and parents could monitor the same info online.”

    Otto Ziegler, New Zealand

  • “By enhancing teaching on IoT engineering to a bunch of 17 and 18 year old next generation engineers”

    Neil Wright, United Kingdom

  • “I'm a beginner however very keen to learn all aspects of this exciting electronics world. Hope I'm in with a chance?”

    Peter Rob, AUSTRALIA

  • “I've never seen one of these devices before, it will be a good learning curve to create and implement this into a project.”

    Maurice Cormio, AUSTRALIA

  • “I think it would be really interesting to turn this into a wearable that would interact with my home automation system. It could be used to control the system via wifi, but also give the system the wearers approximate location in the house.”

    Matthew Shoemaker, United States