Arduino compatible Uno board with Wi-Fi thanks to Jaycar

“This would be a great board to build a remote sensor suite. ”

B. Sorsdahl

“A Star tracker. ”

A. Aguirre

“WLED driver for my house”

W. Fegan

“I would build an NFC card reader”

G. Hoskin

“I would like to build a motorized metal detector, can’t walk no more ”

T. Terreteta

“I'm starting to work on a water tank level sensor and this would be great to send the data to my laptop for monitoring, display and logging!”

D. Crump

“remote wiles household security system”

B. Moe

“I would build various projects including different types of remote controls, homemade video game console circuit boards, theaters, etc.”

B. Miller

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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