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What's New - September 2023

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 74, September 2023

Can you ever have enough maker tools, kits, parts and gadgets?

This month, we highlight some of the new maker goodness from our advertisers. All of these suppliers have many more fantastic products, so be sure to check out the rest of their websites, too!

Cloudy with a chance of Making

If you are like us, you love data - recording it, analysing it and predicting trends. If you're a budding meteorologist, check out this Wireless Digital Weather Station. All the usual features to expect, however, it also displays a 4 Day Forecast on the screen. It features built-in WiFi with AP mode function for smart devices or computers. This enables you to connect to services such as ProWeatherLive, Weather Underground, Weathercloud.


Ohm Sweet Ohm

525 of the most popular 0.25W metal film resistors, from 0Ω wire links to 1MΩ. Supplied in a handy plastic container with colour code resistor chart. 17 values in 25 or 50 pieces.


Just keeps going and going

Are your rechargeable devices not holding charge like they used to? If your electronics run from C or D cell batteries, consider replacing your older batteries with these high capacity 3000mAh Ni-MH.

AVAILABLE AT JAYCAR: C SB9000 / D SB9012 $12.95 - $13.95

Let it Roll

These Mecanum omnidirectional wheels enable your land-based mechatronic creation to move in any direction, including obliquely, horizontally, S-line, and spin on the spot. They are 60mm in diameter, support up to 15kg, and have nine small silicon rubber coated rollers to help with traction. Make sure you buy as a left and right pair.

AVAILABLE AT ALTRONICS: Right J0116 / Left J0115 $9.95EA