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Prototype Like a Boss: Threadboard

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 2, August 2017

We recently came across this great prototyping product, and had to take a closer look.

We have all had those complicated projects. You know, the one that starts with a humble few jumper wires. After a short time you end up with 1000 lines of code on an MCU, two breadboards, 14 modules and 184 jumper wires, and you wake up the next morning wondering what happened and how it got there.

Moving the code is easy, but what happens if you want to move the prototype? Usually it’s a ballet of holding things with both hands, balancing, twisting, hopping, doing anything to successfully get it to its destination, which is often just a few feet away. Surely it doesn’t have to be that difficult, right?

That’s where Threadboard comes in. We spoke to Jason Tolley, the creator of Threadboard, who's excited to bring these great products to the maker community.


Threadboard provides a universal mounting for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi, as well as a whole bunch of accessories. By firmly securing your hardware to the baseplate, you’re far less likely to unintentionally pull out a jumper, short out a power supply, or do any number of soul-crushing, smoke-releasing, hair-pulling things that can take your prototype from perfection to paperweight in the blink of an eye.

Made in Australia, it’s a quality product that’s likely going to last your entire life. There are a few different versions available, the major differences being the hole count, and the base material. Available in aluminium (needs no introduction) or HDPE (high density polyethylene), both are durable and very high quality.

There are two hole patterns: the 50-hole and 130-hole patterns. Both will mount your microcontroller, a breadboard, and some accessories, but the 130-hole pattern provides additional flexibility in mounting. Each hole is drilled and tapped with an M3 tap for a precise thread, so you can use the included hardware or affix your own too.

They’re just entering the market now, and we’re confident they’ll become a staple prototyping tool for us here at DIYODE. Rarely a day goes by when we’re not dealing with breadboards, and rarely a week goes by when we unintentionally destroy something trying to move it from one desk to another!

At the time of writing, some packages are being put together, so you should be able to find them at some of your favourite retailers very soon.

Grab it online from Threadboard: