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New To Our Desk: Zero Stem

For Raspberry Pi Zero

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 17, November 2018

Every now and then, something comes along and you wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”. Zero Stem is just one of those devices, and it’s awesome.

It is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3, and Zero W v1.1. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with earlier versions, or any full-size Raspberry Pi, but anything larger would cause strain on the USB port anyway, so we understand the reason behind the limitation too.

The original Zero USB ports and are still accessible for power and data (when the Zero Stem is not in use) which retains versatility. However, the single USB port for power and data has to be considered a huge benefit in many instances, especially for those who are powering their Raspberry from a computer anyway! The two ports (power and data) makes sense for higher power applications, but can really be simplified when using modern USB ports with the power capability.

Some light soldering is required to attach the PCB to the Zero’s electronics, with nylon nuts and bolts provided to secure everything in place.

In addition to simplifying your Pi Zero development, we can also see that as a way to simplify your own IoT type projects, when being deployed into the field. Since the Raspberry Pi Zero is so small, you could quite feasibly have it hang out of a small USB wall adaptor. Boom - instant power and mounting! It would remove the need for a lead, case, and separate mounting location. Naturally, you could still use a small case to keep the Pi Zero protected.

It comes supplied with the PCB, nylon nuts and bolts, and USB plug. Just add your favourite compatible Pi Zero, and you’re off!

Zero Stem & Raspberry Pi available at Core Electronics: