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Getting Testy: Mooshimeter

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 2, August 2017

It’s not every day something new comes along in test equipment. OK, so maybe it almost is... but rarely does something stand out to us like the Mooshimeter. Mooshimeter has actually been around for a few years, and has now been tried and tested.

It’s a fairly unassuming piece of test equipment on its own, but pair it with your smartphone or tablet, and you unlock a world of potential. Using a simple Bluetooth connection, Mooshimeter takes advantage of your iOS or Android device for data display. Having a huge touchscreen to control everything then makes things really easy! The addition of it being wireless (with a range of up to 45m) means you can safely leave it in your test environment, while measuring from a safer location. This is especially useful in high voltage environments or confined spaces.

It might look a little like a toy, but looks can be deceiving. It’s made from high grade Polycarbonate plastic, and inside is a 24-bit ADC, which provides high resolution data. What’s more, it’s actually a dual-channel multimeter. This means you can test, say, voltage and resistance, or voltage and current, at the same time! Doesn’t get you excited? Let’s think about what that actually means... monitor the relationship of current draw to input voltage as a battery discharges, test for output changes as a power supply heats up... do we need to go on? You might be able to tell, Mooshimeter had us at hello!

Smart Phone

Dual-channel measurement is a powerful and useful feature! With CATIII 600V protection, it’s suitable for all sorts of environments. Mooshimeter doesn’t just take care of the here and now though... it can be used as a powerful data logger. Simply insert your favourite microSD card up to 32GB and you’re ready to go. The accuracy is respectable and while it may not compare to some top-shelf equipment, it’s still going to provide accurate data in most applications. It does all that while still providing all the awesome flexibility we just noted.

Grab it online from Core Electronics: