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Available Now At Altronics: GPS! GPS! GPS!

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 9, March 2018

It’s getting easier to add GPS to your projects, and Altronics have recently received stock of two awesome new GPS modules, with different capabilities to suit various applications and budgets. The NeoBlox GPS systems provide high accuracy without the high price tag. Both modules are based around the same GPS chip, the U-Blox Neo-6m, and are provided in two different formats. The GPS Shield provides an onboard microSD card slot for expanded functionality such as datalogging and storage, while the GPS breakout is bare-bones and compact for integration into projects such as DIY drones.

Compatible with the TinyGPS++ Arduino library, they’re quick and easy to get running with. They’re also compatible with external active GPS antennas. Starting at $24.95, they’re a cost-effective add-on to open up a world of GPS positioning to your projects! Just think of the possibilities!


  • 50-channel GPS receiver
  • 5Hz navigation update rate
  • 1-second hot-start startup time (27 seconds cold)
  • 0.25Hz to 1kHz timepulse frequency range
  • Horizontal position accuracy of 2.5m
  • Velocity accuracy of 0.1m/s
  • Heading accuracy of 0.5°
  • GPS sensitivity of -161dBm for navigation
  • SPI interfacing

GPS Modules now available at Altronics: