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Altronics 2024 Catalogue Review

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 75, October 2023

The long awaited 2024-25 Altronics Catalogue is here! It's chock-full of loads amazing products. Get your copy FREE in print or digital at

There are thousands of amazing products inside, naturally - but here's just a few of our favourites.

65W Laptop Power Battery Bank

Keep your laptop and electronics running when there's no mains power. Massive 20,000mAh battery with various USB outputs. D 0520 $129 p269

Mecanum Wheels

Gives your robot omnidirectional movement. p152
Left Side - J 0115 $9.95
Right Side - J 0116 $9.95

USB C Cables

Connect to the latest USB standard with these USB C cables that terminate to Type B, micro B or Type C socket. P 1967 - P 1987B $12.50 - $34.95 p201

Creality® Halot One Plus 3D Resin Printer

Its huge 7.9" LCD enables you to make models up to 172 x 102 x 160mm.
K 8615 $999 p208

8 Way + USB Surge Protection Board

Great for the workbench to power all your mains and USB powered devices.
P 8159 $49.95 p265

100MHz LCD Digital Storage Oscilloscope & Waveform Generator

Two channel DSRO with a built-in waveform generator. Save data to USB or download directly to a PC.
Q 0203B $549 p154

Mains Power Board With USB PD & Wireless Charging

This neat looking power board sits on your desk to power two mains powered devices, and various USB devices. The wireless charger on the front is pretty handy.
P 8164 $59.95 p267

5V 2A SPDT Sub Miniature Signal PCB Relay

Its 5VDC coil enables you to power other circuits from your 5V powered project.
S 4154 $6 p360

Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (LiPo)

Make your projects battery powered. Built-in charging safety circuit. p274
1100mAh S 4724 $21.95
2000mAh S 4725 $24.95

Micron® Lead Free Soldering Station 68W

Reasonably priced temperature controlled iron. Reduces tip temp after 10 mins if inactivity, and off after 20 mins of inactivity. T 2040 $125 p161

Micron® 320W Hot Air SMD Rework Station

For the maker who works with SMD components. T 1285A $269 p162

Micron® USB Lithium Rotary Tool

Runs for up to 60 mins on a single charge. Charges from USB-C. T 2125 $69.95 p185

Cutters and Pliers

Essential tools for the maker workbench from 5" side cutters to precision long nose pliers.
T 2825B - T 2760B $5.95-$15.95 p175

OKdo® ROCK 4C+ Single Board Computer

Identical form-factor to a Raspberry Pi 4 and compatible with cases, cameras and HATs. ZR6302G $149 p221

Wi-Fi ESP8266 Relay Module For Arduino

For your Arduino-based IoT projects. Control a device from a Smartphone over your WiFi network. Z 6427 $17.95 p219

USB C Lithium Charger Module

Charges a single lithium cell from a 5V input. Z 6388 $5.95 p218

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