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Altronics 2021 Catalogue Review

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 44, March 2021

We've been a little deprived of new catalogues during COVID. With Altronics holding over their late 2020 release for another 6-months or so, we didn't get our fix late last year. Fortunately their revised release date has now arrived and the 2021 catalogue doesn't disappoint!

"There are thousands of amazing products inside, naturally - but here's just a few of our favourites."

Creality 3D Printers

Making a huge name for themselves, the Creality printers now dominate Altronics' 3D printer lineup. Starting with the Ender 3 for just $469, all the way up to a huge 500mm3 build CR-10 S5, there's loads of choice for reliable hardware that won't break the bank. Naturally, the Creality Resin Printer is available too! K 8600 $469 p209

Auto Ranging True RMS Pro Multimeter

We always get excited about new multimeters. This one has a great look and feel, but uniquely it includes wireless charging! No batteries required! Huge bright 6000 count display too. We want one!

This is perhaps the greatest idea we've seen when doing loads of tinning, or working with thick cables where you need substantial amounts of solder. Melt over a kilo of solder at one time, and tin away! Adjustable temperature and suitable for use with traditional and lead-free solder. K 8600T 2098 $110 p168

Professional Non Contact Thermal Imaging Camera

While this is probably one of the least maker-friendly items in there, the fact that thermal imaging cameras are so awesome makes this product deserve a special mention. Unfortunately this sort of tech isn't cheap, but invaluable for the right applications. 1293A $529 p163

DataDOM USB Data Blocker

This is a simple but ultra-handy device that blocks data from being transferred via a USB port. What purpose does this serve? In your own computer, probably none. But if you need to use a publicly available USB port for charging (at an airport for instance) it'll protect you against any malicious hardware that could be hiding. P1920A $9.95 p205

Mecanum Wheel Robotics Base Kit

We've been seeing more and more R/C cars with Mecanum wheels which enable you to move side to side in addition to regular movement. This chassis will give you that functionality too, adding a new dimension to your robotics projects, hassle free! K 1094 $49.95 p223

ESP32 Camera Development Board

With onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, it also contains hall-effect and temperature sensors on a tiny board. But wait, didn't we say "camera"? Yep... can save to a SD card or transmit via WiFi, while a dual-core CPU keeps things running. Z6387 $32.95 p213

VESA Mount Raspberry Pi 4 Case

There are really too many great RPi accessories to mention here, but this one's great for self-contained display nodes running Raspbian to keep it super elegant. H 8967 $22.95 p225

Addressable WS2812B RGB LED Strip

Not new to the market, but being able to grab it from retailers such as Altronics has huge benefits too. Available in 1.3m and 5m rolls. X 3222A $29.95 p218