LED VU Meter

Super Size Me!

Daniel Koch

Issue 1, July 2017

At DIYODE, size matters so we've turned a great project build into an even bigger (and better) one. In this edition we've supersized an LED VU meter. Brace yourself - this is gonna be fun!

This column started life as a conversation about making things unnecessarily big, because who doesn't love to make big things? Here in Australia we have the Big Pineapple, the Big Banana, the Big Prawn - everything is more fun when it's super sized. Head to the USA, and EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas, apparently!

This Super Size Me project takes what is a fun and educational kit, and provides you with a visually stunning example of what is a useful tool for engineers, DJs, and anyone working with sound equipment. Of course, with a bar of coloured lights dancing up and down to the music, this is as much suited to a backyard party as anything else!

Based on readily available LED light strips and materials from major chain hardware stores, it is designed to be easy to build, even for those with minimal electronics knowledge. In keeping with that, the Volume Unit (VU) Meter provides an ideal subject, resulting in a party lighting piece that stands at around 1.2m high, and which can be built at home in around half a day. 

Finished Project

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