Emergency Phone Charger

Rob Bell & Daniel Koch

Issue 4, October 2017

What started as a quest to debunk a "lemons charging phones" video, turned into something far more practical.

When life gives you lemons, you make a... phone charger? WAIT - that’s not how that goes..

These days, mobile phone charging is rarely a problem when we have dozens of USB chargers, computers with USB ports, and various other ways to access power. But when the weather turns wild and the mains power shuts off, there’s often a mad scramble for the nearest working chargers, to get the phones up and running again.

Recently we’ve seen a number of videos making their way around the internet regarding the theory of charging a phone using lemons. Some articles even landed on respected news sites, so they’re convincing enough for sure. However, to us electrically-minded folk, at face-value it’s difficult to believe this is possible; though it does beg the question - just how much “juice” can we get out of a lemon?

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