The End of Print for DIYODE

DIYODE Magazine

When we first launched DIYODE in 2017, we were excited to see how it was received by makers. While we launched it both in print, and digital, we knew that eventually the print edition would fall away to an all-digital edition.

While many of us love to read DIYODE in print, COVID-19 has catalysed all sorts of changes in printing. One of the largest printers (and the printer for DIYODE for 5 years) going into administration in late 2022. While Ovato was purchased by one of its competitors (IVE Group), and things continued "business as usual", a few storms have been brewing for print over the last few years too.

You're no doubt all aware of the logistics challenges and pricing increases which have been accellerated over the last few years. As online shopping boomed, logistics companies often buckled under the pressure. Unfortunately, for those of us using logistics, prices have increased exponentially for nearly any type of logistics. We have been absorbing these cost increases each time, without a change to our cover price or subscription rates.

These were normal business challenges, however in December 2022, we received news that our costs to print DIYODE were increasing by nearly 50%. This is driven by market factors, as well as large increases in paper costs around the world.

At a time when interest rates are climbing and budgets are being squeezed, unfortunately this has left us with little choice but to bring the print edition of DIYODE to a conclusion, and focus on the digital edition of the magazine.

As such, February 2023 will be the last in-print edition of DIYODE Magazine.

So what now?

DIYODE will continue to be produced every month, as it has been for the last 67 issues. The only difference is there will be no print edition.

I'm a print subscriber - what do I do?

We are in the process of converting all print subscribers to digital, with a 2.5:1 ratio (that is, 2.5 digital issues for every 1 print issue, rounded up to the nearest whole digital issue) remaining on your subscription, inline with the price difference. We trust that this will be a satisfactory outcome for many of you, and hope you enjoy the digital edition.

Should you prefer to cancel your subscription entirely, you can email us at and request a refund for the balance of your subscription.

I'm a digital subscriber - what do I do?

If you're already digital, no action is required and nothing has changed for your subscription.

I'm not a subscriber, can I subscribe?

Absolutely. You can subscribe here to the digital edition.

What does the future hold?

Our digital audience has continued to grow, and we're looking at ways to reinvest in our digital platform to add even more value to everyone as our loyal readers. Keep an eye out for changes and updates over coming months.

What is a digital subscription?

You'll get full access to a monthly issue of DIYODE magazine that you can download as either a PDF or read online (see the example shown below). Also:

  • 48 hour early access to the content from the next issue for all annual and monthly subscribers.
  • Access to all issues released during your membership in your Digital Library in PDF and online viewer format.
  • Removal of in-content advertising so you can read through our articles uninterrupted.
  • Online book view