That's A Wrap, on DIYODE

DIYODE Magazine

In 2016, I set out to create a magazine that brought amazing projects to makers across the country and the world.

Thanks to the help of our amazing team, valued contributors, and of course thousands of readers, we did it.

Unfortunately, the world is a different place in 2024, and DIYODE is no longer sustainable. We have decided to close the doors, and there will be no March issue.

We are in talks to ensure DIYODE is available to all for the future, and preserved for posterity, though we're not entirely sure what that looks like just yet.

If you have a current subscription, we'll be in touch in coming days too.

I want to thank everyone who has read, written for, edited, designed, and in any way touched DIYODE. It's a great community, and something I'm proud to have been a part of. Keep on making!

Rob Bell