Safe 3-Phase Generator

Building a Low Voltage 3-Phase Synthesiser

Tishampati Dhar

Issue 2, August 2017

Building a 3-phase power monitor isn’t your average DIY project, but when Tisham discovered he didn’t have a 3-phase power source to test it with... the low voltage 3-phase synthesiser was born!

Three-phase is something that many of us will never actually deal with in our tinkering. It’s not in your average house or back shed and requires special precautions to safely work around. All that aside, for those using 3-phase (industrial workshops, fast food restaurants, and much more), power monitoring is as necessary as for anyone else (perhaps even more so since their power usage may be much higher than average). It takes some special skills and a different approach to single-phase AC. Tisham’s 3-phase AC simulator provides a safe, low-voltage source for developing 3-phase testing equipment.

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