Pi Booth

Capturing the Moment with Raspberry Pi

Jack Barker

Issue 1, July 2017

When Jack proposed to his girlfriend Pam, he unwittingly created an opportunity to put his DIY skills to powerful use.

Photo booths are hugely popular, and we here at DIYODE have been to our fair share of events where we’ve added bunny ears and chef’s hats to create a few minutes of laughs, but a lifetime of memories is something else! However, when Jack was quoted $500+ to hire a photo booth for use at his wedding reception, like all good hobbyists facing a higher-than-expected cost for something, Jack’s creative wheels started turning. He decided he’d come up with a tidy solution to make it happen for less.

It’s a great idea. How did you tackle getting started?

Before I became too heavily invested in the idea, I did some prototyping with a simple breadboard adaptor, camera, screen, and a simple tactile push-button switch [1]. This enabled me to run some really basic tests. Since this was my first Raspberry Pi idea, I thought slow and steady was a good approach. It took me almost no time at all to get vision from the camera onto the screen, and the rest followed easily. I knew it was going to work, and celebrated with a photo of the working camera on my desk.

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