Makers Making for Pandemics

DIYODE Magazine

Issue 33, April 2020

Inspirational projects from makers around the globe that help prevent the spread of infectious disease.

As Rob mentioned in his Editor’s letter this month, we have observed some incredible creations from makers on social media lately related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were so amazed by the talents of makers all around the world that we wanted to share some of them with you here. These may inspire you to make your own project for your home or workplace.

Please note, we have tried to credit the designer where possible, however, with the nature of resharing on social media, it can be difficult to know if some are the original post/author.

3D printed DIY Auto Hand Sanitiser. @diyelectronics_
20 Second Timer using an Uno, infrared sensor and an RGB LED. @random_stuff_we_make
Smart glasses to avoid touching your face. github.com/nickbild/sentinel
Touchless Hand Sanitiser with Arduino, ultrasonic sensor and a servo.@vaghanitechnologies
Alcohol Sanitiser Sensor with Uno, MQ-3 sensor and a fan to flush vapours. @tom95076
Arduino based infrared thermometer with LCD and buzzer. @bio.makers
Ultrasonic Distance Alert with Nano, Ultrasonic, LCD and discrete components. @ikobootloader
Portable smart handwash dispenser with rechargeable battery. @soldering_station
Contactless Hand Sanitiser using meccano-type structure, ultrasonic sensor, motor and gears. @random_stuff_we_make


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