Gifting Gadgets 2022

December 2022 Gift Guide

Murray Roberts

Issue 65, December 2022

Merry Christmas, fellow makers. If you’re thinking about what gift to give to a loved one, or perhaps, for yourself, here are some great ideas from our advertisers who help make DIYODE possible.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

Arduino prototyping without wires

The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is a great way to start prototyping with your Arduino Uno board. This kit has ten of the most commonly used Arduino modules which you can connect to your Arduino Uno without the need for a breadboard, wiring or soldering.

AVAILABLE AT Pakronics: SS110061162 $48.28

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LSK M3 Mini Speaker Kit Bundle with Dayton DTA-1 Amplifier

Tunes while you build

Add some tunes to your workshop with this speaker kit bundle, which includes an amplifier and speaker cable. You get to build the speaker kit as well.

AVAILABLE AT theloudspeakerkit.com: M3MK3_BUN $259

200 in 1 Electronics Lab Kit

No soldering required

Before Arduino, Raspberry Pi and micro:bit came along, many of us would build and learn about electronic circuits with these electronics lab kits. It’s great to see Altronics has a great range of these lab kits, including this one with 200 projects.

AVAILABLE AT Altronics: K2209 $205

Arduino Compatible Duinotech Learning Kit

Great for Arduino noobs

For someone wanting to start out in the world of Arduino, this kit has plenty of parts that you’ll need. It includes an Arduino-compatible Uno board, a wide range of sensors and modules, a breadboard with jumper wires, and a great assortment of electronic components. Supplied in a carry case with dividers to keep everything tidy.

AVAILABLE AT Jaycar: XC3900 $59.95

Waveshare 4-DOF Metal Robot Arm Kit for micro:bit, Bluetooth Version

Build and code a robotic arm

All the parts to build a sturdy robotic arm with a gripper.
Simply plug in a micro:bit and you’ll be able to code and
control the arm from a Bluetooth-enabled PC, smartphone
or tablet. Hours of fun!

AVAILABLE AT Pakronics: PAKR-A0412 $94.57

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True RMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter

Making Measurements

All the common features you would expect on a multimeter at this price range. True RMS measurements plus a massive 19999 count backlit screen.

AVAILABLE AT Altronics: Q1135 $89

Multifunction Soldering Helping Hands

Your third hand

Have you ever wished you had a third hand while you juggled your soldering iron, solder, component and PCB? This handy product has four adjustable arms to hold everything in place so you can focus on soldering. There’s a solder roll holder, sponge, cleaning ball and rosin.

AVAILABLE AT Wagner: HTA111 $22.50

Obstacle Avoiding Ultrasonic DIY 2WD Arduino Robot Kit

Working robotic vehicle

All the parts needed to make an Arduino Uno-compatible obstacle avoidance car.

Available at Phipps Electronics: PHI1011335 $54.95

100MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Watching waves

A maker’s workbench isn’t complete if it doesn’t have an oscilloscope, right? This oscilloscope has two channels and a 7” screen to give you an accurate picture of what’s going on with your circuit’s operation. You can also save the data to a USB thumbdrive to analyse on your computer.

AVAILABLE AT Jaycar: QC1938 $549