Amazing Audio Hardware

Peter from SA, Australia

Issue 2, August 2017

Peter has created a selection of audio appliances. Utilising some kits and building some things from scratch, he’s got an impressive list of items.

The first is an awesome 20W Class-A amplifier. The amplifier itself was built from scratch. He did make use of some great kits however, for the input module, speaker protection module, and the preamp stages. Peter said it was cheaper to do it that way, and we would tend to agree. Finished into a beautiful case, it’s a very tidy system indeed.

The second build is a stunning 10W Currawong amplifier, which was a valve amplifier project described in Silicon Chip magazine. Using a selection of parts from Jaycar and other suppliers to build the electronics, with an impressive hand made enclosure to show off that amazing glow from the valves.

Inside Amplifier
Inside Amplifier

The last project is a stereo amplifier switch box. It allows connection of two different stereo amplifiers to one set of speakers. Peter’s unique design prevents the in-use amplifier from feeding the signal back into the unused amplifier. Awesome!