WIN a Robot Kit

For your chance to win one of 10 SAM ROBOT KITs - Thanks to our friends at Jaycar Electronics - we asked you to tell us in 50 words or less, what you would like to see a simple robot be able to do.

All you need to put it together are a few tools and the This is SAM project instructions.
Kit includes Arduino UNO Compatible Board, L298 Motor Controller Board, Ultrasonic Sensor Board, 4-Wheel Motor/Chassis Kit, Battery Holder and Batteries, Jumper Kit, and Printed Brackets.
Each kit is valued at over $100!

“I would like to see a simple solar powered robot open and close curtains/blinds”

Charles Dodt, AUSTRALIA

“A simple robot that I could program to tidy my bedroom and do the chores I'm supposed to so my mum doesn't nag me. It would need to be stealth like so she thinks I've done the work myself!”


“I would love a robot to find all my remotes”

Vivien Hatcher, AUSTRALIA

“Stir pots on the stove so things don't burn when unattended. The higher the temperature the higher stir speed and the lower the temperature the lower the speed. Also with an inbuilt timer and temperature alarm.”


“I want it to hide randomly around the house as an entertaining game for my 3-yo!”

William Mason, AUSTRALIA

“Clean my coffee machine in the morning when I'm finished with it. Lol”

Toby Murrill, AUSTRALIA

“I would love to be able to experiment with a mapper and planner module for navigation. Ideally I could use the robot operating system to implement my Python. I don't know yet if the Raspberry Pi 3B will be fast enough or if I would need to tether the robot to a laptop.”

Robert Perrin, UNITED STATES

“It would be awesome if the robot could follow you around by tracking your phone or possibly a wireless transmitter. You could have great fun hiding the transmitter on someone”

Stewart Ray, AUSTRALIA

“I would like to see a simple robot open doors for disabled people or pick up items older or disabled people drop. They could even help the elderly answer the phone or collect the mail from the letter box. Even check that the heater or stove etc are turned off.”

Dean Richards, AUSTRALIA

“Change nappies. Please”

Jason Williams, AUSTRALIA