1 of 10 Raspberry Pi Pico, thanks to Core Electronics

“Air quality control monitor to open and close windows depending on the inside vs outside air quality. It would be an retro fit systems on windows with a motor to open and close the windows automatically.”

E. Hui, HK

“Make a controller for a pan-tilt camera mount with several preset positions, and the ability to relay IR command to the camera such as zoom and start/stop recording.”

G. Whelan, AU

“I have always been telling my work mates how much fun you can have with a Raspberry PI.If i won a PI Pico i would code a pir sensor to trigger a piezo siren and hide it so i could give my work mates a scare when they walked near it. I think that would inspire them to learn more about that Pi so they could give me payback.”

S. Ottaway, AU

“I am modifying a bench top milling machine to a CNC machine. It would be cool to add a Raspberry Pi as the central unit for this to allow a graphical interface. This would mean I could have the Pi and Arduino as a turnkey unit.”

A. Rawlings, AU

“I would build a controller for a hot water circulation system. I have a long house with the hot water system located at one end. Each time I use a hot tap, I waste a massive amount of water before hot water arrives. With a simple pump and an intelligent controller - cold water in the hot water pump can be recirculated until the hot arrives! I have the pump and temperature sensors - I now need the controller!”

D. Fraser, AU

“I have always wanted a microcontroller that could run python and now that I know that such a thing exists the opportunities are endless. I have been looking a microcontroller to fit into your pocket. if I win a Pico then I will try to make a pocket sized device that reminds you to sanitise your hands and wear a mask whenever you enter a Covid hotspot.”

B. Jenkins, AU

“I would use this to interface with a camera that would read the display of non-automated instruments so that I could semi-automate their calibration process.”

A. Skelton, AU

“Irrigation control ”

D. Weaver, NZ

“Automatic plant watering gizmo ”

J. Duff, AU

“A small digital synthesiser ”

E. Price, AU

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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