Win 1 of 5 Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ thanks to our friends at Core Electronics

“I want to design an internet connected wearable computer that translates, audio, text or sign language. Can be related back via audio or display screen. Help to bridge communication gaps. ”

Ayrton B, AUS

“I would love a Raspberry Pi so I can learn a bit of coding and build a weather station for my house, I’ve just got a 3d Printer so would also design an enclosure. Fun for days! ”

Rob H, AUS

“My workshop burnt down a few years back but now that it’s just been rebuilt I’d like to fit up home automation to it, Using the Pi to run as a server on my WiFi network. I’ll run HASSIO on the server and program some ESP32 to run the lights etc in the workshop via the server and a tablet or phone. Also it can run Ai switching off stuff if I’m not there or opening doors when I get close etc. ”

Mark C, NZ

“I’m thinking of making an av switcher that also has a led lighting system that is activated by av signals so the signal source can be lit up or do different patterns/colours for a video game cave. I haven’t done the research yet as to what I need but I’m sure a raspberry pi can do it or at least part of it. ”

Angela H, AUS

“As a teacher, I'd love to give some of the inquisitive students in my class a chance to see what a Raspberry Pi can do and hopefully inspire some young minds!”

David T, AUS

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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