1 of 5 Grippy Robotic Arm Kits

“We all know the Skill-Tester machines which never seem to be able to pick-up the prize... Using the same approach, I would use this kit as a fundraiser at the local primary school during Science Week 2019. Teaching kids about robotics and raising money for new STEM equipment at the school. Perfect!”

Chris P. AU

“I would use it to pick things up on my model train set so I can use it as a cargo crane.”

Oscar L. AU

“I want this robotic arm to enhance my Sons fascination with robotics and coding while practically demonstrating results as he develops his skills.”

Chris H. AU

“My 5 year old son is autistic and loves robots. I would teach him how it works and enjoy watching him figure out how it could pick things up.”

Jarrod R. AU

“Pick up blunt pencils, put them into a pencil sharpener and sharpen the pencil then put the pencils in a cup.”

Deborah S, NZ

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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