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“I would use the NodeMCU to connect my video lighting set up to the internet so that I can easily control it from my phone while shooting a video (a good programmer is a lazy one).”

Rohan, Australia

“A Finnish electric sauna. To power it on and set the thermostat temperature. Nothing better to come home to on a cold winter's night, apart from a hot meal!”

Seppo, Australia

“My coffee machine, because COFFEE!! Been wanting to do this for a while.”

Steph, Australia

“I will connect the NodeMCU to a motion sensor on my mailbox to alert me when the postal carrier delivers the mail. This project will have several interesting challenges, including a weatherproof enclosure for the module, a solar-charged battery to make it self-sustaining, and integrating the antenna with the mailbox post.”

Phil, USA

“The NodeMCU is perfect for a project I've been working on for my aquarium. I2C for the temperature probe, SPI for an LCD display, PWM to control a servo for an automatic feeder and heaps more GPIO to control a CO2 solenoid, and relays for the lights, heaters, chillers and pumps as well as float sensors to keep everything in check. All this controlled and monitored from my smartphone.”

Laurance, Australia

“I would like to make a emergency dog feeder for when I am late getting home from Uni so my dog doesn't starve and tear apart the house. I would use this board to connect to my phone so I could trigger it remotely.”

Andrew, Australia

“Would like to monitor my smoke/fire/humidity/temperature sensors from my cell phone while away from home.”

Christian, USA

“I would like to connect the heating system so that I can monitor and control it when I am away.”

Colin, France

“I have a 4 kw solar system. In New Zealand we don't get much for our exported power. I am trying to develop a system that will redirect the excess power and use it to charge a battery and run the lights in the house from an inverter when the sun isn't shining. The NODEMCU will control the charge and discharge of the battery and have a webpage to monitor the system.”

Murray, New Zealand

“My Diesel Generator. With a NodeMCU I'd be able to fully automate its operation as well as enable control and monitoring via the web or a mobile app.”

Adrian, Australia

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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