WIN a Sparkfun Inventors Kit

For your chance to win one of six Sparkfun Inventor’s Kits - Thanks to our friends at Altronics
- we asked you to tell us in 50 words or less, why you would like to win.

With everything you need to create dozens of experiments. There’s a SparkFun RedBoard (equivalent to an Arduino UNO) included, as well as a breadboard. There are 16 circuits to build, with all the parts included. There’s LEDs, semiconductors, and everything down to the jumper wires. Each kit is valued at 175AUD each.

“I'm adventuring into electronics and this kit will be a great starter.”

Craig Burtenshaw, AUSTRALIA

“As a father I want to be included in my son’s life. In today’s world of computer games and iPads kicking a ball together is not cutting it. I need a way into his world so we can share and grow together.”


“I am a teacher of electronics and I would like to encourage more females to take up electronics as a career by offering my best female student this prize.”

Michael Sammut, AUSTRALIA

“Void setup() //I want to code in C so I can automate properly
Void loop { println (Sparkfun electronics @ Altronics is the way to go along with Diyode) For me to learn more of how to create and code }”

Oliver Colman, AUSTRALIA

“My dad is always making stuff with his arduino kits and I would like to learn to make stuff with them as well. I'd like my own experimenters kit so that I don't have to use his. And I think my dad would like to play with it as well.”

Rachael Miller, AUSTRALIA

“My year 6 class are starting STEAMS workshops run by us the students. I would love to win this to inhance the programming workshop I’m currently planning and enable me to share my love of programming and electronics with my class.”

Thomas Goode, NEW ZEALAND

All winners have been notified.