Duinotech Uno compatible Board with Wi-Fi

“If I had a chance to win this arduino uno, I would like to make a little Home Server, this will be the beggining of my “automatic house””

V. Carrillo, UY

“Build a personal best time checker for parkrun. The person scans their parkrun barcode, the uno checks their results history, shows their name and fastest time on a small display.”

C. Drake, AU

“Vege garden moisture monitoring system ”

D. Parry, AU

“I need for work analog data aquise systen and it has to be wireless to have no connection between my regulary computer and electrical cabinet”

B. Strunck, DE

“I would use it to create a sensor hub and device controller (IR etc) which would connect to my rpi using a rest api to be controlled.”

S. Butler, AU

“Satnogs ground station antenna rotator ”

M. Goodall, NZ

“I can remotely turn on my A/C on the way home with it and the infrared modal ”

B. Thomson, AU

“A complete home system controlling temperature and lights so it will help to save energy and improve security. ”

M. Muniz, AU

“I would build a wifi midi light circuit synthesizer. Transducing photons into midi signal for music synthesis. ”

D. Spelta, AU

“I would build a web enabled robot car that would take environmental readings from multiple sensors”

S. Collier, AU

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a tough decision.
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